Yuete Electronic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. provides two delivery methods: door-to-door pickup and express delivery.

Door-to-door pick-up

Yuete Electronic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. provides door-to-door self pickup services for Hong Kong and domestic deliveries.

  1. Hong Kong self pickup

After receiving the arrival notification SMS, the user needs to carry a pick-up authorization letter with the contract seal stamped on it to pick up the goods.

Self pickup address: Hong Kong delivery self pickup address, please contact online customer service

Delivery time: Monday to Saturday: 10:00~18:00 (lunch break: 13:30-14:30)

  1. Domestic self pickup

1) After receiving the delivery notice SMS, the user needs to bring the sales order contract with the official/contract seal and pick up the goods at the following address.

2) If the self picked goods exceed the size of 60cm * 40cm * 10cm, they will be sent to SF Express by default. Please check the logistics information at the 【 Member Center 】.

Self promotion point of Huaqiangbei:

Address: Room 1003, Dingcheng International Building, No. 7-1, Zhonghang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

Contact number:_______

Delivery time: 14:30-17:30, Monday to Saturday

Express delivery

Yuete Electronic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. can deliver express shipments to designated Hong Kong/domestic addresses. Before 17:30 from Monday to Friday, logistics in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang regions will default to using FedEx express delivery. For other time periods and special circumstances, SF Express will be used. If you want to check the logistics status, please go to the 【 Member Center 】 to check