1. Acceptance conditions for after-sales service

1) Customers who need to return or exchange goods due to incorrect actual received quantity, inconsistent model, or product quality issues can apply for a return or exchange within two weeks after receiving the goods. Late returns will not be accepted.

2) When returning or exchanging products, please make sure to keep the complete original packaging (including outer packaging and inner filling) and ensure that the goods label is intact. The goods label is the only proof of coordination between Yuete Electronic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and the supplier for returning or exchanging goods. If it is lost, it will not be possible to return or exchange.

3) If applying for a return due to product quality issues, the customer needs to provide a detailed English version of the performance test report as the basis for negotiation between Yuete Electronic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and the supplier. If necessary, a third-party English testing report recognized by both parties is also required.

4) Orders that have already been invoiced need to be returned after the return and exchange application is approved.

  1. Unacceptance of after-sales service

1) The original packaging and cargo labels of the product are damaged or missing.

2) Products that have been used/tested on the machine.

3) The delivery time exceeds two weeks (based on the delivery date).

4) The invoice has been issued and is missing.

5) Misordering caused by the customer’s own reasons.

  1. Submit after-sales steps

1) Users can search for completed orders that require after-sales service on the “Member Center” – “My Orders” page by searching for the order number or product model, and click “Apply for after-sales service”, as shown in the figure:

2) Enter the after-sales details page, fill in the information according to the prompts, and save it. The customer service personnel of Yuete Electronic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. will contact you in a timely manner and communicate with you for processing.

  1. After sales service processing time

After the user submits the after-sales application, the customer service personnel of Yuete Electronic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. will accept and provide feedback within two working days.